Adding Value

Thru efforts to #SaveEST, we now find our society revived, thriving with new blood and enthusiasm for Tulsa’s engineering community.  Recently I was honored to be named president of EST’s newly inaugurated board. We are all excited to carry on the longstanding tradition of excellence that EST has displayed over the past eighty years. 

Going forward it will be our focus to provide events, tours, seminars, etc. that are of high quality and high value. I guarantee we will not waste your time. We are committed to such a high level of excellence that we would rather cancel an event than fall short of these standards. Our vision is that EST events will become recognized as the events you can’t afford to miss.  Seating will be limited and EST members will get first rights-of-refusal before we take reservations from other allied societies. 

We are your society and it is important to us that we offer real value to you.  It is key that we receive feedback from you: likes, dislikes, and ideas.  We have set up a discussion page on the social capital section of our site. This page gives you the opportunity to provide real-time feedback either publicly or privately. 

On a final note, I want to encourage all of you to get involved at whatever level you feel comfortable.  I have been involved in professional engineering societies for many years.  I got involved originally for continued professional development and to network with likeminded individuals, but the more I contributed through volunteering the more fulfilling my membership became.  Consider helping us make an impact among Tulsa’s Engineering community and reach out to us on our volunteer page (


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.