Commitment: It's Up to You by David Rader

In January, EST had a great event with Former TU Football Coach David Rader as he presented Commitment: It's Up to You.  After the event, I asked David if he would write a guest blog for EST so that I could share his message with more people.  He graciously agreed and his blog follows. 


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FIRST Robotics, The Impact on STEM Students by Joseph Parackal

As you may have seen through social media outlets, last month the Engineers’ Society of Tulsa became a gold sponsor of Union’s First Robotics Team, Ubotics - Team 3507.  A major focus area of the society is to support STEM and it fit well within our vision to partner with Ubotics.  

Helping Ubotics monetarily is just the beginning, we now need our members and other engineers and allied professionals to mentor these students in Jan & Feb as they design and build their robot in just six weeks. It is hands off, they just need advice and a little direction.  The following is a guest blog from Ubotics Marketing lead, Joseph Parackal discussing first-hand how impactful the FirstRobotics program is and the need for mentors to help Ubotics reach their goals.

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EST's New Vision & Mission

This month I would like to share with you the new vision and mission of EST.  I believe it is vitally important to constantly discuss our vision and to share it with as many people as we can reach.  We are doing great things at EST through our members and volunteers with the following being the foundation for everything we do.  I hope it resonates with you and makes you want to get more involved in advancing Tulsa’s engineering community through EST membership.

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Transforming Potential into Performance by Kelly Riggs

In August, EST had one of the most inspirational events that I have attended.  Kelly Riggs presented “Coaching for Leaders: How to Transform Potential into Performance.”  We had tremendously positive responses from the crowd and a few of those are captured here:

There were some really great gems in there that I can apply immediately.  

Ethan Liston, OSU BSME graduate


I wish I had heard that thirty years ago.

Richard Wollmershauser, Independent Civil Engineering Professional 


That was really tangible information, and he speaks with such passion.

Hamid Mozafari, Masters Student at UTulsa

 After the event, I asked Kelly if he would write a guest blog for EST so that I could share his message to more people.  He graciously agreed and his blog follows. 

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Adding Value

Thru efforts to #SaveEST, we now find our society revived, thriving with new blood and enthusiasm for Tulsa’s engineering community.  Recently I was honored to be named president of EST’s newly inaugurated board. We are all excited to carry on the longstanding tradition of excellence that EST has displayed over the past eighty years. 

Going forward it will be our focus to provide events, tours, seminars, etc. that are of high quality and high value. I guarantee we will not waste your time. We are committed to such a high level of excellence that we would rather cancel an event than fall short of these standards. Our vision is that EST events will become recognized as the events you can’t afford to miss.  Seating will be limited and EST members will get first rights-of-refusal before we take reservations from other allied societies. 

We are your society and it is important to us that we offer real value to you.  It is key that we receive feedback from you: likes, dislikes, and ideas.  We have set up a discussion page on the social capital section of our site. This page gives you the opportunity to provide real-time feedback either publicly or privately. 

On a final note, I want to encourage all of you to get involved at whatever level you feel comfortable.  I have been involved in professional engineering societies for many years.  I got involved originally for continued professional development and to network with likeminded individuals, but the more I contributed through volunteering the more fulfilling my membership became.  Consider helping us make an impact among Tulsa’s Engineering community and reach out to us on our volunteer page (

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#SaveEST – Envisioning a modern engineering society to fit YOUR schedule

You may have heard recently that after 80 years, Engineers’ Society of Tulsa was dissolving. I am pleased to inform you this is no longer the case. Thanks to the valuable efforts of some of Tulsa’s best young movers and shakers, it is being revived—and you can be a part of it. Join the movement today to experience a new, modern take on an engineering society that fits within your schedule.

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