Commitment: It's Up to You by David Rader

In January, EST had a great event with Former TU Football Coach David Rader as he presented Commitment: It's Up to You.  After the event, I asked David if he would write a guest blog for EST so that I could share his message with more people.  He graciously agreed and his blog follows. 


Commitment: It's Up to You

By David Rader

In the quest to be a quality individual, each person strives for integrity.  But it takes commitment.

In the quest to be a quality professional, each person strives for the highest level.  But it takes commitment.

In the quest to be a quality parent, each person strives for to be their best.  But it takes commitment.

In the quest to be a quality spouse, each person strives for unity.  But it takes commitment.

In the quest to be a quality team member, each person strives for selflessness.  But it takes commitment.

Commitment can be learned.  Commitment can be taught.

In our time together we considered commitment from an individual's perspective per these three steps:

Can | Will | Do

Then, the perspective as a team was considered:

Mental | Physical | Emotional

It matters not the task, the same steps to commitment are found in these 6 words (there are nine in the book, though).  Each person enters and passes these steps.  Each person experiences these steps whether it be a positive commitment, or be it a negative commitment.

Dave's book can be found at:


David shared with us at the end of his presentation that he is running for State Senate District 39, find out more at:


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