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    Transforming Potential into Performance by Kelly Riggs

    In August, EST had one of the most inspirational events that I have attended.  Kelly Riggs presented “Coaching for Leaders: How to Transform Potential into Performance.”  We had tremendously positive responses from the crowd and a few of those are captured here:

    There were some really great gems in there that I can apply immediately.  

    Ethan Liston, OSU BSME graduate


    I wish I had heard that thirty years ago.

    Richard Wollmershauser, Independent Civil Engineering Professional 


    That was really tangible information, and he speaks with such passion.

    Hamid Mozafari, Masters Student at UTulsa

     After the event, I asked Kelly if he would write a guest blog for EST so that I could share his message to more people.  He graciously agreed and his blog follows. 

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